Frequently Asked Questions

When and where can we see the band live?
Visit, or follow us on instagram @partydownlive as we actively promote all public live performances. If we are not performing in a public setting at any given time it is likely due to the fact that we are booked with private events and / or weddings and we will be adding new dates to our calendar soon.

What kind of music do you play at weddings and events?
We have a great variety of hits over the decades. We do all of your favorite popular hits thats made to keep the dance floor packed! Over years of performing live music at weddings, events, clubs and casinos we’ve gradually chosen the best songs to put forward at weddings and events to ensure an amazing experience for everyone in attendance. We know what will keep people dancing, singing and having fun. We cover music from every decade, for all ages and include slow songs as well. Prior to your event we can send a playlist for you to review.

Do we provide meals for the band?
Meals are generally part of the agreement as we arrive on site 3 5 hours prior to the wedding party or guests arriving for the event and will be loading out equipment 1 2 hours after the event finishes. However we totally understand the expense of providing meals for an additional group of people so we don’t always require the same food your guests are eating and would be happy to enjoy a different meal in a separate room at the venue.

Do we have to provide accommodations for the band?
We do require accommodations for events outside of a 50 mile radius from Nashville. This can be discussed at the time of booking. For every wedding or event we generally see a full work day of loading equipment, travel, set up, sound check, performance and attendance, tear down and load out. Accommodations are always very much appreciated by us.
Traveling with multiple musicians, instruments, amplifiers, drums, speakers, lighting and more is difficult and expensive and we do see a 8-12 hour work day for most events.

To what extent can we customize the live band playlist?
We will always aim to customize the band’s playlist to the best of our ability to suit your preferences and the best interest of your guests and specific event. Due to the nature of our performance being very similar to that of a DJ, many of our songs are already pre rehearsed and organized into groups and sometimes these can be difficult to break apart. Anything we can’t accommodate in the live music portion we will always ensure we accommodate via DJ music.

To what extent can we customize the DJ playlist?
However you’d like! Feel free to make some special requests and speak to us in advance about customizing the DJ playlist for cocktail hour, dinner music and the dance portion of your event.

How will the band be dressed?
Party Down dresses formal at all weddings and events unless otherwise specified by the organizer or purchaser.

What is the difference between the Party Down DJ service included in your packages and the upgraded Party Down DJ?
Party Down's included DJ service is operated by the band and provides an exciting and customizable DJ service for anytime the live band is not on stage. It is an effective and simple solution to ensuring all the music is covered for a wedding or event. Upgrade to Party Down's Full Professional Party DJ and you can expect Party Down to hire an additional DJ to provide professional DJ service at your event or wedding. The band and DJ will then work together to cover the dance music and engage your guests.